Psalms Records Uk is a media company dedicated to imparting the heart of worship through music and other worship resources. Our aim is to encourage people from all walks of life to pursue a deeper and intimate relationship with God.


Tolu Okeowo is an ace Producer, Musical Director, Musician, Composer whose music has inspired countless other musicians while creating a body of work that spans a wide variety of music genres.

Michelle Marbie Davies is a distinguished singer and songwriter with an exceptional ability to minister the message of Christ to the world through song. Her passion is to create music that will cross generational boundaries; her inspiration comes from knowing that God will always remain the same regardless of what goes on around her. She currently serves as a Worship Leader in her church.

Arinola Nnatuanya is a lead vocalist and worship leader with The Tribe of Judah, the worship team at Jesus House church in London. Her debut album, 'The Secret Place' is a compilation of original worship songs that paint a very clear picture of her passion to release a spirit of worship, and to promote that communion between earth and the Divine.

The Songs in this album are all written by Arinola at various stages in her walk with God. These include 'God of Everything' and 'Faithful Father' that depict her total surrender to the sovereignty of God.

Remi Odumesi is a worship leader with a deep heart of worship to God and is well known for his radical approach to praising God in reckless abandon. Remi has been a lead singer in UK's GEM Award winning group GKREAL and is a Praise and Worship minister in his church House on The Rock, London Lighthouse.

His newest release is an album of 3 brand new songs that lift up praise to God and open up the listener's heart to worship. He currently resides in London with his wife and two children.

Chibundu Onuzo is an exceptional song writer with a passion for the piano. She says, ‘...I just love every detail of an aging upright: from the yellowing keys to the squeaky pedal, to the mellow sounds that only an old piano can make’. Her music is a reflection of her love for God; she gives kudos to her family for encouraging her musical career.

Kunle Amanerimi is a gifted songwriter and motivational speaker with a passion for effecting a positive change in the lives of individuals. He currently resides in London and is an active member of the London Lighthouse parish of House on the Rock, where he serves as a worship leader.

Susan 'SLK' Amu is a contemporary artist with fervour for expressing life through music. She is a songwriter and guitarist who performs most of her songs solo. In this album, her passion is heard as she succinctly but adeptly delivers the message of redemption. Some of her songs have recently topped musical charts in Nigeria where she currently resides.

Lekan Dixon is a songwriter who has a gift that consists in his outstanding ability to impact lives through the use of song and music. He is dedicated to ensuring that the youth of this day keep their dreams alive hence, his message urges ‘...don’t let the big dreams die...’.